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Reiki Infused Intention Jewelry
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Crystals and Gemstones
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The Psychic Development
and Education Center
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Founder: Dorothy Welsh
Swarovski Crystal - Chakra Intention Bracelets

RED (Balances the Root Chakra) - helps in careers, jobs, home,
family and grounding energy

ORANGE (Balances the Sacral Chakra) increases our
expressiveness and enhances sexual nature

YELLOW (Balances the Solar Plexus) increases self-esteem and
courage, brings in happiness, fortitude and strength

PINK (Balances the Heart Chakra) for Love - attracting love for
yourself and love for others and enhances a feeling of
gratefulness and appreciation for what you do have

GREEN (Balances the Heart Chakra) helps bring healing, relieves
stress and anxiety, heals emotional and physical issues

BLUE (Balances the Throat Chakra) enhances your
communication issues, allows you to speak your truth and be
heard by those that matter, enables you to express yourself
verbally, enhances clairaudience (hearing) communications and
speech, great for writing, speaking and hearing, speaking our
truth to the world

INDIGO (Balances the Third Eye) enhances your psychic
awareness, knowledge, clairvoyance (seeing abilities) and
connecting to others on a telepathic level and those on the
"other side"

PURPLE (Balances the Crown Chakra) enhances your psychic
awareness, knowledge, connecting to the divine, the Angels and
being connected to all life, being one with the universe


BLACK - Protection


PEARL - Connecting to the Angels

*Any color combination or intention can be made in a bracelet,
earrings or necklaces.
Swarovski Crystal and Genuine Gemstone Jewelry
Here are just a few
sample pictures of
the Swarovski
Child and Infant Jewelry
Chakra Balancing Bracelet
with Genuine Genstones
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