October Rune of the Month

Posted in Runes at 10:30 am by Dorothy Welsh


Known as the happiness rune, Wunjo is inviting us to seek out and be aware of all the little pleasures in our lives that we take so much for granted.    This is a time to establish new friendships with the same interests. Contact old friends and strengthen the bonds you already have. You will be rewarded for your efforts.   The autumnal equinox has ushered in the new season and Mother Nature is painting her spectacular fall foliage (a feast of pleasure for the eyes and therapeutic for the soul). Take a walk among the leaves, and allow yourself to absorb Mother Nature’s gifts. Let go of the chaos of the world.   Holding in resentments can block your joy so find in your heart to forgive others.  Most of all, forgive yourself. You are deserving of joy and peace.

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