Rune wisdom for January

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Perthro is asking us to become aware of what’s brewing in our minds, for our minds are like a cauldron filled with mystery, wisdom, past, present and future. All of which is brewing to create our destiny.

Consider life as a lake of infinite size. A handful of pebbles tossed unto the surface create rippling impressions on the water. The ripples spread and touch each other and overlap. Some pebbles may be larger or smaller and create a splash of greater or lesser size, but the path of each pebble creates an impression on the watery impression of every other pebble. These pebbles represent destiny, and ours are the hands that cast them.

Let’s brew some good happy thoughts. Filling our minds with love will leave no room for negative thoughts. Smile at someone, validate someone, and let them know that they are worthy.

Make note of all the good that has happened in the past, for remembering the good and being grateful leads to a joyful life. Bring these good thoughts into the New Year. Discard all old beliefs that are not working for you, and this New Year will be joyful. Remember you created it.

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  1. Joanne said,

    March 1, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    After reading you site, I loved it. I bookmarked it and will return often.
    I have been engaged for 10 years now and this reading really helped open my eyes. Thank you for the insight.

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