May Reading of the Month by Dorothy Welsh

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With the Six of Swords, it appears that everyone is preoccupied with other things this month!
 Our minds are definitely not on our work but of other lands and adventures.
After the harsh winter months we are all looking to a much needed get-away. 
So if you haven’t already planned your spring or summer vacation, its time to start thinking along those lines.
Leaving the past behind and having a fresh new start is also planned for this month. So if you’ve been toiling over something, now is the time to stop stressing and leave it behind.  Its in the past and its time to start over with a fresh new outlook and a more positive attitude.  If you need an attitude adjustment, then a change of scenery should do the trick.
Plan something now.  Renew and refresh.  You’ll be busy enough when Fall comes, but for now, enjoy the season.
Once the mind is clear, you can start focusing on more important matters; until then, just relax and have fun.

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