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June Tarot Card of the Month!

In the Six of Cups, Friendships are the focus for this month.

Establishing new ones and renewing old friendships will be foremost in the next coming weeks.

Offers of sincerity will be highlighted as well as reaching out and expanding your circle of friends.  Make the most of this month as the weather gets warmer and you explore the outdoors and sunshine.  Accept offers of outings, trips and parties!  You will find you are more social and outgoing as the month increases.  Your circle is expanding and your happiness increases.  Old friendships will mature and give you a sense of peace and fulfillment.  Unconditional love is the focus as we give and receive love from those closest to us.  This is the month we truly feel blessed.


Remember to give thanks for the beauty and friendships in your life.

Angels surround us, we all call them friends!



Michelle’s Inspirations!

Now is the time to accept what is and to turn it into something extraordinary

that makes your heart sing and serves others in a way that fullfills the deepest desires of your heart!
Michelle G. Popiak



Rune Wisdom of the Month

Spirit Guide Readings provided by Annette LaBate

*Private and phone readings available.

OTHALA The rune of inheritance – and using gifts from our ancestors!


The god Odin is associated with Othala as he speaks of the freedom of the eagle.

Your inherited talents and knowledge from your ancestors will be enhanced this month.

It is time to abandon an aspect of your behavior that will free you to become

who you really are and empower you to soar like the Eagle.

Concentrate on family, and community. Let go of ego and allow yourself to be open to others,

as this will enhance your spiritual journey.

Events with Psychic Medium, Dorothy Welsh

June 3, 5 17, 19 – Psychic Readings in Newtown every First and Third Thursday and Saturday

June 8 – Psychic Readings in Doylestown

June 12 – Private Psychic Readings scheduled in Bensalem


Psychic Rune Readings with Annette LaBate

– Rune Readings are direct messages from your Spirit Guides.

  Hear what messages your Spirit Guides have for you.

  Schedule your reading with Annette today!



Online Classes Available!

Guided Meditations and Audio Classes 

available for instant download on our website.

Home-Study Holisitic Courses

with the Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies.



Instant Downloads

(available on website)


Guided Meditations

-Meeting Your Angels and Guides

-Clearing your Chakras and more…


Classes available for download

-Psychic Development Series

  (Creating Your Sacred Space for Psychic Awareness, Proper Breathing
   and Meditation Techniques to Enhance your Psychic Sensitivity, Open

   and Clear Your Chakras for a Clearer Psychic Connection, Sensing and

   Reading Auras and Energy Fields for yourself and others)

-Crystal Ball Reading
   (Boost Your Clairvoyance Skills with gazing practices, Learn to care for

    your crystals and enhance your Psychic Awareness using a Crystal Ball)

-Animal Spirit Guides

   (Connect with your personal Animal Guide and learn to see and hear their messages)

-Tarot for Beginners (coming soon!)


Home-Study Holisitic Courses  

-Spiritual Counselling

-Angel Healing

-Professional Life Coach

-A Course in Miracles – and more…

*Complete Course Listing can be found on our website.



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Congratulations to all Graduates!

Happy Fathers Day to all dads!


Wishing everyone a Safe, Happy and Relaxing Summer!   ♥



Dorothy Welsh

*Helping to Awaken Your Power Within*





Do just once what others say you can’t do,

and you will never pay attention to their limitations again!

                            Arthur C. Clarke


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