Psychic Affairs!

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Psychic Affairs!

By: Psychic Medium Dorothy Welsh

This category will cover all things Psychic!  And we will start with Dreams!

Do Loved Ones Visit you in your Dreams?


you ever dream of a Loved One after they passed?


of us find that when a loved one passes, we dream of them.  And we wonder

whether “it was just a dream” or was it a real visitation.  In

my experience as a psychic medium, many loved ones relay messages that it is

NOT just a dream, but a real visitation.  Our loved ones find it easier to

connect to our subconscious minds.  In our dreams we do not question or

doubt; we are simply experiencing it.  Our loved ones will often visit and

speak to us, spend time with us and even travel with us in our dreams.  So

the next time you have a dream of a loved one, write it down.  You may

find that you are receiving messages more often than you realize.  And you

will receive confirmation that your loved ones are still with you.


your conscious mind remembers your dreams, you start opening the pathway from

the conscious state to the subconscious state.  Which means it will become

easier to make the connection to your loved ones, and to make sense of your

dreams.  If you want to connect, I

suggest starting a dream journal.  Just a pen and piece of paper,

or a little book to stay organized may work best. 

Dreams are a state in your subconscious mind.  When you subconscious is activated you can see, hear and feel so much more from the other side.  Sometimes we can even receive answers to problems and issues that we face during our everyday lives (in our conscious state).  When we awake from a dream, our conscious mind will sometimes convince us that “it was only just a dream”.   And that may be the case, especially if you ate some bad food the night before.  However, most dreams are our minds sorting out the details of our everyday lives and trying to make sense of it all.  We can also connect to our Angels, Guides and Loves Ones in our subconscious state – which is why so many of us love to “meditate”.  Meditation helps us connect to our subconscious mind and in this state, we can access so much more information than our conscious minds. We will discuss Meditation in the next issue.  But for now – I wish everyone Sweet Dreams!


Dorothy Welsh

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