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Being strong, confident and upbeat every day can sometimes be difficult. There are many things in your daily life that can drain your energy and lower your vibrations. For example, you may be unhappy in your job, you may be in a difficult relationship or you may have family and friends who are going through emotional issues. All these things can have an effect on your energy field and this can lower your vibrations. Even though you actually want to be there to help your family and friends and lift their energies, it can wind up leaving you feeling drained and vulnerable yourself. Vibrations are energy and energy has varying vibrations depending on your mercury sign. When your vibrations are high, your energy is high, you are confident and well. According to cheap psychics  when your vibrations are low, your energy is low, and this can leave you more prone to low self-esteem, depression and even physical illness.


This article discusses seven (7) ways to help keep your vibrations at a higher level. When you resonate at a higher vibration you have a strong energy field. You are able to handle the many stresses that come into your life on a daily basis with finesse, ease and confidence.
Negative thoughts are a lower vibration so you want to keep your thoughts positive. Have you heard of the power of positive thinking? I remember as a child watching Robert Schuller and hearing him say those words in his “Hour of Power” television show. As a child, I never knew how powerful that sentence really was until I learned ways to keep myself positive and felt the difference in my own life. “The power of positive thinking” is so strong that you can effect change by simply thinking positive thoughts at least 3x during the day, some people may need to get a Numerology Name Calculator before doing this, to fully discover themselves. Keep that thought in your mind as you continue reading.
Having and maintaining a positive outlook on life can help you reap many benefits including physical, emotional and spiritual. It can bring confidence and allow the natural flow of life to take you on your chosen path more easily and more powerfully than ever before. Having a strong energy field (a high vibration energy field) allows your body or chi energy to flow more naturally, like a smooth flowing river. And when a river flows freely it can build great strength.
Imagine having better relationships, and getting along better with your family, friends and co-workers. A higher vibration energy field can lead to more confidence, which can lead to more opportunities for advancement in all areas of your life. Your finances could improve because when that river flows so does all other energy sources (including financial, love, health and family). Using your thoughts as a conduit for attracting money as in some positive affirmations below could put you on the path to success. When you think about money flowing to you; you are putting yourself in that “flow”. High vibrations attract other high vibrations like a magnet. Use that energy to bring better things into your life. Higher vibrations can also lead to a stronger immune system and greater physical and emotional health, although is also useful keep a good diet and using supplements like Kratom, Sacred Kratom, https://www.sacredkratom.com help with this.
Raising your vibrations can also lead to great spiritual health as well, and a stronger connection to your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones. Angels vibrate at a very high frequency. When we raise our vibrations we are meeting their vibrations and this makes connections much easier to sense.
When your outlook changes so does the energy around you. As the laws of attraction start to bring higher vibrations into your life and put you back in the flow of life. Money comes to you easily as your needs are met. Creativity and confidence are sparked – more loving relationships develop – You find it easier to speak your truth and find that others are paying more attention to what you have to say. Your connection to the divine is enhanced as those energies are drawn closer to you. So with all the benefits why not just give it a try? You may end up with a more balanced and happy life.
Things that lower your vibrations.
-Stressful jobs, abusive friends or family, bad relationships, negative people and negative thoughts, fear, insecurities and illness are just a few. Steering clear of these things when you can helps you keep a balanced lifestyle. And if you cannot avoid them, just limit your time with them.
And here it is – 7 Ways to raise your vibrations!
(1) Always surround yourself with positive people and don’t be afraid to let go of the negative Nellies in your life. Releasing negative people can leave room for more positive people to enter.
(2) Think positive thoughts and even speaking positive words can raise the vibration of your body and of a room.
(3) Listen to uplifting music; and don’t be afraid to sing or dance around the room. It releases pent up negative feelings and brings in happier vibrations. Sound healing is a wonderful way to raise your vibration as simply listening to certain notes can change the energy. Some people use drumming, singing bowls, tuning forks or any other musical instrument.
(4) Meditation has many benefits. Guided Meditations can lift your spirits, and help you to connect to your Angels and Guides. Meditation can also help you to relax your mind and body and can also lower blood pressure.
(5) Certain scents can raise your vibrations. For instance, Roses have a high vibration and smelling the scent of a rose can lift your spirits and bring positive energies to you.
(6) Physical exercise can also raise your vibrations. You’ve heard of the runners high when endorphins are released. You don’t have to run, but exercise and movement can help release endorphins. Yoga is wonderful as it connects the mind, body and spirit together.Supplement well using some SARMS, eat well and always keep a healthy mind too.
(7) Positive Affirmations are powerful and can really help to raise your vibrations easily; especially when you repeat them (using the power of 3). Repeat them at least 3x to initiate positive change in your life. Here are some examples of positive affirmations. Feel free to paste this on your refrigerator.

Health – My body is the temple of my soul and looks after me perfectly.
Courage – I am one with the universe and safe at all times.
Employment – Perfect work for perfect pay is coming my way.
Love – I love the world and the world loves me.
Success – Abundance and success now come to me in endless ways.
Happiness – I am balanced, joyful, happy and radiant.
Prosperity – The universe is an endless source, which pours wealth upon me.

The best way to maintain positive vibes is with Kratom. Kratom is proven to relieve stress and stimulate you mood receptors! Some people ask, “kratom where to buy?” I tell them Kratomystic.

As you can see, these tools are easy to use and integrate into your life. And with so many ways to enjoy the benefits of raising your vibrations – Why not start today.
Wishing you all good health, much love and happiness and abundant prosperity in all forms!

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