Aug 2020 Tarot Reading

Posted in Tarot at 7:46 pm by Dorothy Welsh

The High Priestess

The High Priestess sits between the pillars of knowing and unknowing with the veil behind of pomegranates. representing fertility and abundant energy. She protects the Tora on her lap which is filled with truth, knowledge and secret scriptures, and signifies the Greater Laws of the Universe. She wears a crown of the triple moon as she carries those energies of the triple deity and her gown flows over a crescent moon showing her dominion over all these energies.

This month the High Priestess brings these amazing energies to you!! With all the things going on in the world today (between knowing and not knowing truth or fiction), she stands alone as your inner voice of reason and truth. She governs the unkonwn and the mysteries of the Universe. This is a reminder that your inner voice should be listened to more than the words that you see in the outer world. She is a mediator between worlds, and she Rules them both.

Use this energy to go between both worlds, seeing both sides. Don’t just take anyone’s word for it, but listen to both sides yourself. Then sit and contemplate. Go within. Center yourself and connect to YOUR Divine Feminine energies and those of the triple deity. Listen, see, hear. Use all of your senses to connect to your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones for the answers that you seek. Soon you will know the truth. And all the while you will be centered and not knocked off balance. In today’s world the truth is hard to find, but when you go within, there is ONLY TRUTH. Listen to your own inner voice, and you will come out victorious.

This month there may be more chaos to deal with, so remember the High Priestess Gifts to you! Inner Knowing. Stay centered and calm during this time and ride out the storm. Center yourself, meditate, connect to your higher self and your Angels. The more you connect, the more centered you become. And the more centered you become the more you can distinguish truth between worlds. God is here and his Angels are working their magic on this planet. It is up to you to keep that connection strong, and your Light shining bright.

Remember…. The Light always shines brightest in the darkest of times.

♥ Dorothy ♥


April 2017 Tarot Reading

Posted in Tarot at 2:57 pm by Dorothy Welsh

9 of P E N T A C L E S

The Nine of Pentacles is bringing a female independent spirit to all that she does. This woman has a lot of ideas that she wants to put into practice and this is the month to start doing just that! Follow your dreams, sow some seeds, start putting things into place that will reap the rewards you’ve been wanting your entire life! This is the month to start doing just that!

The energy of this card will bring you some much needed energy to get that job done too as this woman is like the energizer bunny this month, getting everything accomplished as much as she can and also knowing who to turn to for help when she needs it. Delegate if you must, you will find willing helpers all around you. Everyone can see that you are on a mission and they want to help you complete your projects so allow them to pitch in when the time is right. There will be a back story and some work to be done first, but only you can see the outcome that you desire. So get to work, and don’t be afraid to make some much needed changes. That is where your success will come into play. The more that changes, the happier you become this month – so get started and have some fun with it! All of a sudden are you seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and your feet at the first to arrive. Get some much needed rest when you can as you are going to need it to complete all these projects. Don’t forget that Mercury turns retrograde on the 9th so you want to get your projects started before then so Mercury isn’t interrupting your flow. As long as the ideas are hatched before that date, Mercury will make sure that you have enough time to complete your projects. So go ahead and get started today! – This woman is very earthy, in her garden, enjoying the fruits of her labor and getting everything that she wants. So enjoy that energy this month. And soon you will feel just as satisfied.

Many Blessings to You!


May 2014 Tarot Reading

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Tarot Reading – by Dorothy Welsh The Queen of Wands! – She is the great Mother!  The Queen of all that is seen and unseen.  She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get out there and get it!  She is determined and ambitious and yet friendly, loving and charming at the same time.  She brings all her passion to every relationship whether it be work or play, and she jumps in with both feet knowing she will land on solid ground because she prepared the foundation.  Everyone has a bit of this Queen’s determination and gentle loving strength. When she appears it is often time to bring these qualities into manifestation in your life. Her stability and dedication will aid your creative visions that need to be carried out, and her innate magnetism and charm will draw to you all the allies that you need to accomplish any goal you set your mind to.  So jump in with both feet – and don’t ever give up!  Remember the day is yours – Manifest your destiny!


March Tarot Reading

Posted in Tarot at 3:05 pm by annette


The Queen of Pentacles!  What a wonderful card for new beginnings this Spring!

Bringing desires to bear fruit is the message this month.  All that you desire is is right in front of you.  Its now your job to manifest it into reality.  Surrounded by animals, flowers, ripe fruit and even cupid on her chair – this Queen has it all at her command!  As she comtemplates the pentacle, she is deciding which of these things she wants to manifest in her life.
What do YOU want to manifest this month?
The Queen brings warmth, generosity and a sense of purpose.  If something needs to get done, she doesn’t beat around the bush or complain; she just gets it done.  She is like a nurturing mother to us all, and if you need her assistance, she is there to help calm our fears and accomplish our goals.  She will give you the strength to finish projects this month, so get ready to move forward, and quickly!  You may gain insight this month into matters of money and matters of the heart, and by truly balancing both, you will find your path to happiness.
Set your own goals this month and watch them manifest to fruitfullness in your life.  The Queen is there to assist you!  Allow her to work her magic in your life – then Make it So!


February Tarot Reading of the Month

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A card of instrospection, the Queen of Cups heralds great changes coming your way!  Seek answers from within!
This may be a month of emotional introspection.  What we once thought was built on solid ground is turning out to be as changeable as the wind.  Know that you are surrounded by angels as you enter into this period of change; and that its purpose is to do away with the things in your life that are not working to your advantage.  This will allow room for something truly amazing and new!  You may feel a bit uneasy and emotionally attached to the (people, places or things) that need changing, but they need changing nonetheless.  You are protected in a cloak of divine energy as you move forward, and the Queen of Cups will help you progress toward a brighter future.  So many things are changing now that you may not be sure of where you stand or where you are going.  Rest assured that it is a place of peace and stability and keep yourself moving forward with positive thoughts.  You are building a new foundation, trust the process.  Visualize yourself surrounded in success and keep that picture alive.  This is just the beginning of your brightest future and you will be gently taken there with the love and care of your angels and guides.
Give yourself time this month to pamper yourself; for cbd products may feel a bit uneasy as we go through them.
You may not see the outcome just yet, but have faith that your personal success is just around the corner. 
The Queen of Cups already knows this and Your loving angels will ensure your success!





January Tarot for the New Year!

Posted in Tarot at 3:50 am by Dorothy Welsh

The NINE OF CUPS is one of the most positive and uplifting cards of the entire deck.
I’m very happy that it was chosen for the New Year! 
If anything is illuminated in this card, it is that anything IS possible!  Good things are coming your way this year, so make sure you are clear on exactly what you want the universe to bring you.  And make no mistake that it IS coming your way!  All your worries from the past are just that… in the past.  You can now look forward to a brighter future. 
So many good things are in store this coming year, so while you are basking in the light of abundance, make sure that you do not become smug about it.  Keep in mind others who may not have as much as you and their struggles in this lifetime. 
So much is coming your way, that I want to send a reminder to be grateful for your successes, for there will be many.  And with your gratitude your abundance will flourish even more.  When you delight in the little things, it creates an even bigger flow directly to you!  Enjoy it!   This card denotes much Happiness and Abundance on all levels, including physical, emotional and spiritual.  You will rise to higher levels this year and you will have all that you desire.  Financial security brings emotional security and this card denotes that this is coming soon!
Enjoy the abundance that life brings.  Joy and happiness are within your grasp.  Whatever your true hearts desire will come to you this coming year!  If may not come exactly as you expected, but it will be coming into your life!
Practice manifesting what you truly desire and keep faith in knowing that you can and will achieve your goals!
Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!


December Tarot of the Month

Posted in Tarot at 6:57 am by Dorothy Welsh

The Hanged Man is not as ominous as he seems.  He is just hanging out and pondering life, just pausing to consider himself.  He is the 12th card of the Tarot deck and it’s appropriate for the 12th month of the year.  He represents the 12 steps of initiation through which every man must pass.  After which our lower forces become transmuted into the higher lifting power of our True Divine Self!  He has the golden light of God surrounding his head for enlightenment and the position of his arms and legs represent a call to divinity (the legs forming a cross and the arms forming a triangle representing the divine number 3). 
He has learned about spirituality, but is pausing before he puts it into practice.
As he hangs there, he is totally vulnerable to the world, and in his vulnerability he has found strength.
He is Odin, the Norse god who hung from the World Tree for nine days to earn the knowledge of the Runes. 
He is a card of opposites, pause to move forward; stop to proceed, rest to gain strength, release in order to attain more. 
This month (the last month of the year) is a time for reflection.  Its a time to think back on the previous year and see how far you’ve come with your goals and aspirations.  Its a time for getting in touch with your “higher” self and connecting with your family (your roots).  Thinking back to where you started (your family, your roots, or the beginning of the year) creating your own goals and what you wanted to achieve for yourself this year or this lifetime (not just materialistic goals but spiritual goals as well).  How far have you evolved.  What things need to be changed and what needs to be honored.  Sometimes we must stop for a while and contemplate our lives in order to move forward again. 
The hanged-man is a reminder that surrendering to the experience leads to positive transformation. 
We control by “letting go” and we win by “surrendering”.  When we most want to force our will, is when we should “let go”, when we want to have our own way, is when we should surrender.  Strength is gained in our letting go.
Allow the Hanged-Man to help you Pause in your life.
What do you need to surrender or let go of in order to successfully move forward with your life?


November Tarot of the Month

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November Tarot Card of the Month!


Everything you want is at your command!  It is written in your future that you are to have happiness and abundance in your life.  You are the creator of your future and the sword can help you attain all that you desire.  Your only challenge is to be confident enough to accept the gifts that are given to you.  We need to open ourselves to the possibility of “having it all”.  Peace, Victory, Valuable Friendships, Abundance and Immeasurable Love.  It is all there for us to receive, and more. 
The Ace of Swords offers us the spark of great potential.  It is up to you to take the sword and use it wisely.  You can use the sword to clear away obstacles that have held you back, cut the ties that no longer serve you, and clear the blocks that kept you from seeing your inner truth, beauty and potential.  Again, use the sword wisely, as it is a 2 edged sword.  Getting what you want without hurting others in the process is the road to great spiritual attainment and success.  This month, focus on accomplishing your goals with the expectation of receiving it ALL, and you can achieve all that you desire.


October Tarot of the Month

Posted in Tarot at 10:27 am by Dorothy Welsh

The Star tells us that we are about to accomplish something important.  You have the power within yourself to be a star and you have been working hard toward your goals.  This month your hard work will pay off.  The star is helping to guide your way.  Just look to the heavens for guidance, the star will assist your journey.  Continue to have faith as you are on the right path.   Last month was a clearing of old energies to make way for the new.  This month the new energies will flourish and shine in you.  Trust in your higher self and your abilities that anything is possible. Expect miracles this month.  You may still have some work to do to accomplish your goals, but you are on the right path to fulfillment and success!  Keep up the good work.
The star in you will shine brightly this month so get out there and have some fun!  There may be many social events to attend and you will be happy to accept them.  You will blossom into the divine being you were meant to be so don’t be shy.


September – Tarot Card of the Month

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The Two of Cups is all about relationships (and not necessarily with people)!  This September remember the important people in your life and treat them well (including yourself).  This card also speaks of our relationship with our homes, our work environment, career, boss/employees, school, teachers, etc.  We have many relationships that need attention this month, so get down to business and make sure all your relationships are getting the attention they need.  We have to nurture what is important to us in order for it to grow and bring us happiness!  You may start thinking about classes this September, to nurture yourself and expand your horizons; or an exercise class to strengthen your body.  You may also start thinking about your career and what you’re getting out of it.  If your career needs attention or maybe a change or “sprucing up”, then make sure you are ready to move in a forward and positive direction.  Now on to personal relationships…  Again, this September, remember the important people in your life and remember to treat them well.  If you feel you’ve neglected someone, bring them back into your life and nurture that relationship.  It may need your attention.  This includes not only spouse and partners, but also friends, children and parents as well.  This month, make sure all the relationships in your life are the way you want them to be, and that they fill your “cup” of happiness.  If not, then this September, its time to pay attention and make some nurturing changes in your life.

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