Aura Readings
and Intuitive Healing  Sessions
30 min Phone Session -  $65

45 Min Phone Session  - $95

One Hour Phone Session - $125
You Aura colors reflect your Chakra energies
and emotional state as well. A reading can help
you identify and release blocks in your energy
system that could have been there for a long
time. Identifying what needs to be released
makes it easier to recognize what no longer
serves you, making it easier to shift your
energies to a more positive state.
Your aura reflects the energy in your
body. Having an Aura Reading can
reveal what is going on physically and
emotionally.  And then gives you the
ability to heal those areas.
Shaun has been psychic since birth and has been able to see the energy or aura
around a person, animal or anything in nature.  He has an amazing ability to sense
and "know" what might be missing from your energy field and will discuss this with
you to bring ultimate healing. He can clairvoyantly "see" if there are holes in your
auric field and what you can do to remedy this.

Shaun is not a medium - but works with your aura and energy to bring healing and
, Shaun can read your physical and emotional state. He also has the
amazing ability to remotely "view" your energy
field from anywhere in the world.

With this incredible gift, he is able to share with you introspections and insights
about your aura and your energy field which reflects your
physical and emotional
as well as offer ways to improve it, to clear it and to bring more light and
happiness to all areas of your life.  

A reading with Shaun can set you on the path to deep healing.
Shaun is an insightful and compassionate reader. Shaun works with all of your
questions to connect with your energies and deliver the answers from Spirit.  So
come prepared with your questions.

If you've been feeling run down, out of sorts, foggy, spacey or just not clear or
focused, you may want to "check in" on your energy system through an Aura
Reading with Shaun.

Schedule your personal aura reading with Shaun today!
A psychic reading is for entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for any type of professional
advice including but not limited to financial, legal or medical.  To receive a reading you must be at least 18
years of age or have the consent of a parent or guardian.  By purchasing a reading, you agree that any
decisions made as a result of a reading are of your own free will, and that you manifest, create and
change your future as you deem fit best in your life and for your highest good.  If you have any serious
medical issues, please seek professional medical care.  If you are in need of financial or legal advice,
please seek professional assistance. Shaun LaBate is not liable for any decisions or changes made as a
result of a reading, Thank you.
This website and the information contained therein is designed and intended for general entertainment and information only.  A psychic reading, healing session, class or guided meditation
is not a substitute for any type of professional/medical or legal advice.  

Experience the best ! As soon as you talk to Shaun or meet him you will be able to tell his talents come from
a place of higher source . He will see things of beauty around you that will open up your life to new
horizons.    F.H.  -  NJ

Shaun is surprisingly talented.  He sees right through all of your defenses and gives you the best way to
proceed to healing in all areas of your life.  So happy for the reading.  Thank you Shaun!  Will be back again.  
Alice R. - PA

Thanks so much Shaun.  The reading was awesome!
S.A. - PA

I feel so much peace after talking with Shaun.  I knew something was out of balance but could not figure out
what it was or why.  Shaun brought me much peace and I'm now on the right path to healing.  Thank you.
Donna Price - NJ
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Shaun's Psychic Chakra
and Aura Healings
Sensory ReprogrammingTM
Balance your Chakras and Reset your Energy Field
In addition to Psychic Readings, Shaun can incorporate a
clearing along with your reading.  If you receive a phone
reading with Shaun, the clearing is a small additional fee.
30 min Psychic Aura Reading with
Remote Chakra Clearing - $80
Remote Chakra Clearing Only
(without a reading)             - $45
(Shaun will send remote healing Reiki
energy with crystal healing for 20
minutes to clear your chakras).  This is
done remotely at a time that is mutually
convenient where you have time to relax
to receive the healing.
        Shaun's unique style of healing can bring your body/mind/spirit back to balance in one session.  
                              You will feel refreshed and energized with a new outlook on life!

During a session Shaun will discuss your intentions and healing requirements with a mini-reading and will then
begin the healing and clearing process using his unique "Sensory Reprogrammiing(
tm) technique" using healing
Reiki energy, light therapy and sound therapy. All you need do is sit back, relax and feel the healing effects.
Shaun has the amazing ability to remotely see into your Auric Field and Chakra Centers and can see what is out
of balance, lacks color or if your Auric Field has holes that need repair. Then he goes to work to repair your aura
and Chakra centers.

For in-person sessions (not available at this time) Shaun also incorporates aromatherapy and prepares herbs
specific for healing your issues and your intentions and any other specific issues that are brought up during the
session.  For remote sessions he can recommend which herbs or aromas would be beneficial to enhance your

Each session is different and unique depending on your specific needs. Shaun has developed a Sensory
Reprogramming Healing Session to relax your body, clear your Chakras, heal your Auric Field and bring you back
to a state of balance and harmony.

If you have holes in your auric field, it may cause weakness or illness. Shaun can identify this weakness and start
the repair.
During the session, Shaun can clear, heal and repair your entire energy system with his unique technique.  And
give you suggestions on how to stay in balance and avoid it in the future.

If you are interested in scheduling a remote healing session with Shaun, please send an email to:
At this time, all Sessions are provided ONLINE through ZOOM.
After payment is made, please email us here to schedule
your phone reading:
Please be aware that paypal charges a small fee to use their
service and that price is reflected in the total price.
(Remote) Healing Session on Zoom - $89