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Tarot of the Month – The Tower brings many changes this month that will open your eyes to many new truths.




Aug 2020 Tarot Reading

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The High Priestess

The High Priestess sits between the pillars of knowing and unknowing with the veil behind of pomegranates. representing fertility and abundant energy. She protects the Tora on her lap which is filled with truth, knowledge and secret scriptures, and signifies the Greater Laws of the Universe. She wears a crown of the triple moon as she carries those energies of the triple deity and her gown flows over a crescent moon showing her dominion over all these energies.

This month the High Priestess brings these amazing energies to you!! With all the things going on in the world today (between knowing and not knowing truth or fiction), she stands alone as your inner voice of reason and truth. She governs the unkonwn and the mysteries of the Universe. This is a reminder that your inner voice should be listened to more than the words that you see in the outer world. She is a mediator between worlds, and she Rules them both.

Use this energy to go between both worlds, seeing both sides. Don’t just take anyone’s word for it, but listen to both sides yourself. Then sit and contemplate. Go within. Center yourself and connect to YOUR Divine Feminine energies and those of the triple deity. Listen, see, hear. Use all of your senses to connect to your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones for the answers that you seek. Soon you will know the truth. And all the while you will be centered and not knocked off balance. In today’s world the truth is hard to find, but when you go within, there is ONLY TRUTH. Listen to your own inner voice, and you will come out victorious.

This month there may be more chaos to deal with, so remember the High Priestess Gifts to you! Inner Knowing. Stay centered and calm during this time and ride out the storm. Center yourself, meditate, connect to your higher self and your Angels. The more you connect, the more centered you become. And the more centered you become the more you can distinguish truth between worlds. God is here and his Angels are working their magic on this planet. It is up to you to keep that connection strong, and your Light shining bright.

Remember…. The Light always shines brightest in the darkest of times.

♥ Dorothy ♥


April 2017 Tarot Reading

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9 of P E N T A C L E S

The Nine of Pentacles is bringing a female independent spirit to all that she does. This woman has a lot of ideas that she wants to put into practice and this is the month to start doing just that! Follow your dreams, sow some seeds, start putting things into place that will reap the rewards you’ve been wanting your entire life! This is the month to start doing just that!

The energy of this card will bring you some much needed energy to get that job done too as this woman is like the energizer bunny this month, getting everything accomplished as much as she can and also knowing who to turn to for help when she needs it. Delegate if you must, you will find willing helpers all around you. Everyone can see that you are on a mission and they want to help you complete your projects so allow them to pitch in when the time is right. There will be a back story and some work to be done first, but only you can see the outcome that you desire. So get to work, and don’t be afraid to make some much needed changes. That is where your success will come into play. The more that changes, the happier you become this month – so get started and have some fun with it! All of a sudden are you seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and your feet at the first to arrive. Get some much needed rest when you can as you are going to need it to complete all these projects. Don’t forget that Mercury turns retrograde on the 9th so you want to get your projects started before then so Mercury isn’t interrupting your flow. As long as the ideas are hatched before that date, Mercury will make sure that you have enough time to complete your projects. So go ahead and get started today! – This woman is very earthy, in her garden, enjoying the fruits of her labor and getting everything that she wants. So enjoy that energy this month. And soon you will feel just as satisfied.

Many Blessings to You!



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Being strong, confident and upbeat every day can sometimes be difficult. There are many things in your daily life that can drain your energy and lower your vibrations. For example, you may be unhappy in your job, you may be in a difficult relationship or you may have family and friends who are going through emotional issues. All these things can have an effect on your energy field and this can lower your vibrations. Even though you actually want to be there to help your family and friends and lift their energies, it can wind up leaving you feeling drained and vulnerable yourself. Vibrations are energy and energy has varying vibrations depending on your mercury sign. When your vibrations are high, your energy is high, you are confident and well. According to cheap psychics  when your vibrations are low, your energy is low, and this can leave you more prone to low self-esteem, depression and even physical illness.


This article discusses seven (7) ways to help keep your vibrations at a higher level. When you resonate at a higher vibration you have a strong energy field. You are able to handle the many stresses that come into your life on a daily basis with finesse, ease and confidence.
Negative thoughts are a lower vibration so you want to keep your thoughts positive. Have you heard of the power of positive thinking? I remember as a child watching Robert Schuller and hearing him say those words in his “Hour of Power” television show. As a child, I never knew how powerful that sentence really was until I learned ways to keep myself positive and felt the difference in my own life. “The power of positive thinking” is so strong that you can effect change by simply thinking positive thoughts at least 3x during the day, some people may need to get a Numerology Name Calculator before doing this, to fully discover themselves. Keep that thought in your mind as you continue reading.
Having and maintaining a positive outlook on life can help you reap many benefits including physical, emotional and spiritual. It can bring confidence and allow the natural flow of life to take you on your chosen path more easily and more powerfully than ever before. Having a strong energy field (a high vibration energy field) allows your body or chi energy to flow more naturally, like a smooth flowing river. And when a river flows freely it can build great strength.
Imagine having better relationships, and getting along better with your family, friends and co-workers. A higher vibration energy field can lead to more confidence, which can lead to more opportunities for advancement in all areas of your life. Your finances could improve because when that river flows so does all other energy sources (including financial, love, health and family). Using your thoughts as a conduit for attracting money as in some positive affirmations below could put you on the path to success. When you think about money flowing to you; you are putting yourself in that “flow”. High vibrations attract other high vibrations like a magnet. Use that energy to bring better things into your life. Higher vibrations can also lead to a stronger immune system and greater physical and emotional health, although is also useful keep a good diet and using supplements like Kratom, Sacred Kratom, https://www.sacredkratom.com help with this.
Raising your vibrations can also lead to great spiritual health as well, and a stronger connection to your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones. Angels vibrate at a very high frequency. When we raise our vibrations we are meeting their vibrations and this makes connections much easier to sense.
When your outlook changes so does the energy around you. As the laws of attraction start to bring higher vibrations into your life and put you back in the flow of life. Money comes to you easily as your needs are met. Creativity and confidence are sparked – more loving relationships develop – You find it easier to speak your truth and find that others are paying more attention to what you have to say. Your connection to the divine is enhanced as those energies are drawn closer to you. So with all the benefits why not just give it a try? You may end up with a more balanced and happy life.
Things that lower your vibrations.
-Stressful jobs, abusive friends or family, bad relationships, negative people and negative thoughts, fear, insecurities and illness are just a few. Steering clear of these things when you can helps you keep a balanced lifestyle. And if you cannot avoid them, just limit your time with them.
And here it is – 7 Ways to raise your vibrations!
(1) Always surround yourself with positive people and don’t be afraid to let go of the negative Nellies in your life. Releasing negative people can leave room for more positive people to enter.
(2) Think positive thoughts and even speaking positive words can raise the vibration of your body and of a room.
(3) Listen to uplifting music; and don’t be afraid to sing or dance around the room. It releases pent up negative feelings and brings in happier vibrations. Sound healing is a wonderful way to raise your vibration as simply listening to certain notes can change the energy. Some people use drumming, singing bowls, tuning forks or any other musical instrument.
(4) Meditation has many benefits. Guided Meditations can lift your spirits, and help you to connect to your Angels and Guides. Meditation can also help you to relax your mind and body and can also lower blood pressure.
(5) Certain scents can raise your vibrations. For instance, Roses have a high vibration and smelling the scent of a rose can lift your spirits and bring positive energies to you.
(6) Physical exercise can also raise your vibrations. You’ve heard of the runners high when endorphins are released. You don’t have to run, but exercise and movement can help release endorphins. Yoga is wonderful as it connects the mind, body and spirit together.Supplement well using some SARMS, eat well and always keep a healthy mind too.
(7) Positive Affirmations are powerful and can really help to raise your vibrations easily; especially when you repeat them (using the power of 3). Repeat them at least 3x to initiate positive change in your life. Here are some examples of positive affirmations. Feel free to paste this on your refrigerator.

Health – My body is the temple of my soul and looks after me perfectly.
Courage – I am one with the universe and safe at all times.
Employment – Perfect work for perfect pay is coming my way.
Love – I love the world and the world loves me.
Success – Abundance and success now come to me in endless ways.
Happiness – I am balanced, joyful, happy and radiant.
Prosperity – The universe is an endless source, which pours wealth upon me.

The best way to maintain positive vibes is with Kratom. Kratom is proven to relieve stress and stimulate you mood receptors! Some people ask, “kratom where to buy?” I tell them Kratomystic.

As you can see, these tools are easy to use and integrate into your life. And with so many ways to enjoy the benefits of raising your vibrations – Why not start today.
Wishing you all good health, much love and happiness and abundant prosperity in all forms!

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Tips for Connecting to your Angels and Guides

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Since I was a child I have been a medium, and have connected to Angels, Guides and Loved Ones. A medium connects to those who are on the “other side”. I always felt very blessed to be able to communicate messages of love and healing for others. And over the years I’ve gotten many questions about connecting to your Angels and Guides.
Annie W. from Levittown asks: How does a psychic connect to Angels and Guides? And what can I do to connect?
Annie that is a very good question. When most mediums connect to the other side, they use all of their senses including sight, sound, hearing, feeling, touching and even tasting. They may start to see images or hear some sounds or actual words. I sometimes see movies playing out or hear a song or even feel things. I sometimes smell a woman’s perfume like Jean Nate, when a grandmother is connecting with me. There are terms for using these connections, including clairvoyance – a clear seeing, clairaudience – clear hearing, clairsentient – clear feeling – clairambiance – clear tasting, clairalience – clear smelling and claircognizant – clear knowing. When you learn to “perk” up your senses, you will be more aware of the energies around you.
What you can do to perk up your senses is to be more aware of what is going on around you. Nature for instance, is a great way to connect. I suggest going outside and just sitting in nature. Your own backyard is a great place to start. Sit by a tree or a bush and quiet yourself. Then start paying attention to what is going on around you. The more aware you are, the more connected you will become. You may start to see animals including birds, squirrels, bees and insects. Start watching their activities and really seeing what they are doing. Follow them with your eyes and notice how they react in nature, and how they communicate with each other. The more you watch nature, the more you will become connected to nature and to the universe. You are then becoming more aware. Awareness is the first step.

Aubrey S. from Newtown asks: When you connect to Angels, what do they say?
Hi Aubrey, each interaction is different, but when I connect to Angels, Guides and Loved Ones during a reading, what I hear most from Angels is that THEY want to connect with us! They are here to help you on your life journey. They are your personal cheerleaders and they want to see you succeed. They relay the message that in this lifetime we are here for experiences, and to learn lessons of love through those experiences. If you ever need assistance to accomplish any goals or experiences in your life, your angels do want to help; however they need your permission to intervene in your free will life choices. So please remember to ask them for assistance. Once you start asking for their assistance, make sure you start looking for the signs they will send you.

Brianna N. from Bristol asks: What type of messages will I see from my Angel?
Brianna, Angel’s messages may come in many different forms. For instance, you may hear a song on the radio, or a message on a billboard or license plate. They will give you signs to let you know you are on the right path or they will give you a message to help lead you in the right direction. You may start to see certain numbers on the clock. Triple numbers are signs that your Angels are with you. Many people are starting to notice the number 11:11. A specific Angelic number stating that your Angels are with you and you are following the right path. Sometimes you may see other numbers on a clock, including significant dates that hold meaning to you. For instance, you may see 6:29 often – and realize that this was your grandmother’s birthday. This could be a sign that she is with you and she is just trying to get your attention.

Going outside in nature and just sitting quietly will help connect you to the Earth, Mother Nature and to the Universal Energies that support us. It’s similar to “plugging” in or tuning in to their energies. When you quiet yourself and simply watch nature, it not only bring a calming effect to your body, but it can also release any tension and stress and bring forth clarity. So if you are feeling stressed, go outside and take a walk in nature. You will feel more centered. Once you bring yourself back to center, it is much easier to connect and listen to your Angels messages. They may come in the form of thoughts and ideas. Angels do speak to us through our body language as well. Paying attention to your heart and your solar plexus is also important; and why everyone says to just “go with your gut”.
Some people also like to meditate to connect. When you meditate, your brain waves slow down and it helps you to “center” yourself and bring about awareness and clarity. If you would like a little help with this, I offer a Guided Meditation to Connect with your Angels and Guides on my website. In this meditation you will have a chance to connect to your personal Angel, and also time to ask them questions, such as what is their name. Either way, this should be a fun and enlightening experience.
For more tips on making connections, check out my Audio Books on Psychic Development at www.mymoonspirit.com.


Do All Dogs (and Cats) go to Heaven?

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Many people wonder if their beloved pet made it to the Rainbow Bridge; and if they can connect with you after they pass. Dogs, cats and every living thing (human, animals and even plants) have an energy field around them. We call it our Aura or Auric Field. When your pet passes, their bodies may expire, but their energy field lives on. And if it was a good relationship, they may want to stay with you. Their bodies are not able to stay, but their Aura may remain with you. And if you pay close attention, you may see, feel and hear signs of their presence.

Over the years, I have connected with many pets on the other side and brought through many messages of love and healing. Pets usually come through with love in their hearts for their human moms and dads, and will try to show you signs that they are still with you.

Some owners may still feel their pet jumping up on their lap. Many cat owners may feel their feline friends rubbing up against their legs, or even hear that beautiful Meow sound in the next room.
You may hear them walking around the house, or running around in the back yard. –You may hear their pitter patter on a hard-wood floor – or hear the sounds of their collar clanking against their metal ID tags. One woman reports the sounds of her pet coming through the doggie door after they have passed. And another of their pet scratching at the back door to be let in. “I can still hear him. I know he is still here.” reports Carolyn from Flemington.
Have you ever received a sign that your pet was still with you? Have you heard a sound or felt their presence? If so, I would love to hear from you. Please post your story below.

While your pet is still on Earth, give them the high quality of life they deserve.The Dog Kennel Collection has ready made dog kennels that your dog will have the best rest in. Treat your pet with dignity and get the kennel of their dreams.

Can Pets Connect with us after they pass?
The answer is: Yes!


Psychic Affairs!

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Psychic Affairs!

By: Psychic Medium Dorothy Welsh



This category will cover all things Psychic!  And we will start with Dreams!



Do Loved Ones Visit you in your Dreams?






you ever dream of a Loved One after they passed?




of us find that when a loved one passes, we dream of them.  And we wonder

whether “it was just a dream” or was it a real visitation.  In

my experience as a psychic medium, many loved ones relay messages that it is

NOT just a dream, but a real visitation.  Our loved ones find it easier to

connect to our subconscious minds.  In our dreams we do not question or

doubt; we are simply experiencing it.  Our loved ones will often visit and

speak to us, spend time with us and even travel with us in our dreams.  So

the next time you have a dream of a loved one, write it down.  You may

find that you are receiving messages more often than you realize.  And you

will receive confirmation that your loved ones are still with you.



your conscious mind remembers your dreams, you start opening the pathway from

the conscious state to the subconscious state.  Which means it will become

easier to make the connection to your loved ones, and to make sense of your

dreams.  If you want to connect, I

suggest starting a dream journal.  Just a pen and piece of paper,

or a little book to stay organized may work best.


Dreams are a state in your subconscious mind.  When you subconscious is activated you can see, hear and feel so much more from the other side.  Sometimes we can even receive answers to problems and issues that we face during our everyday lives (in our conscious state).  When we awake from a dream, our conscious mind will sometimes convince us that “it was only just a dream”.   And that may be the case, especially if you ate some bad food the night before.  However, most dreams are our minds sorting out the details of our everyday lives and trying to make sense of it all, and if you still think you need more understanding you can get free psychic readings to get even more information about this.  We can also connect to our Angels, Guides and Loves Ones in our subconscious state – which is why so many of us love to “meditate”.  Meditation helps us connect to our subconscious mind and in this state, we can access so much more information than our conscious minds. We will discuss Meditation in the next issue.  But for now – I wish everyone Sweet Dreams!


Dorothy Welsh


May 2014 Tarot Reading

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Tarot Reading – by Dorothy Welsh The Queen of Wands! – She is the great Mother!  The Queen of all that is seen and unseen.  She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get out there and get it!  She is determined and ambitious and yet friendly, loving and charming at the same time.  She brings all her passion to every relationship whether it be work or play, and she jumps in with both feet knowing she will land on solid ground because she prepared the foundation.  Everyone has a bit of this Queen’s determination and gentle loving strength. When she appears it is often time to bring these qualities into manifestation in your life. Her stability and dedication will aid your creative visions that need to be carried out, and her innate magnetism and charm will draw to you all the allies that you need to accomplish any goal you set your mind to.  So jump in with both feet – and don’t ever give up!  Remember the day is yours – Manifest your destiny!


March Reading of the Month by Dorothy Welsh

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The 2 of Cups symbolizes relationships, medical issues and balance.  Medical issues may arise that need attending to this month.  And with the Winged Lion overhead, the issues should be minor. So make sure they are attended to before your summer vacations start.  The male/female energies show that balance is needed in your life right now – so make sure that you are attending to your diet and exercise needs as well.  Your relationship with yourself  is important too! Being good to yourself is a strong message this month!  A little R&R is just what the doctor ordered! Get out there and schedule some much needed time away with your loved ones!


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January 2011 Reading of the Month – Dorothy Welsh

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See and download the full gallery on posterous

I pulled #13 several times in preparing for this reading so it was just meant to be.  This card can sometimes brings fear, but let me first dispell the fear…This card does not bring death, it brings important and great changes in your life.  I also thought it appropriate to pull 2 cards to show what influences the changes that will come.  The Death Card #13 does not bring death, but comes marking great changes!  It marks the end of something in our lives and the beginning of another phase.  The pairing card is the #2, The High Priestess, bringing powerful feminine and spiritual energy to the changes to come.  She denotes knowledge, some known and some unknown, the forces between this world and the next as she sits before the veil of unknowing filled with pomegrantes also signifying Rebirth!  Sometimes we fear what we don’t yet know or understand, but the changes that are marked in #13 also show that the spiritual changes to come bring forth changes for the better and good things to come as denoted in the rider carrying a flag with a white flower of inspiration and spiritual enlightenment and riding in on a white horse of divine power.  Everything you knew, your beliefs and old thoughts will be changed by the knowledge and power you will acquire this year, bringing more happiness and contentment, with purity and clarity of thought.




This coming year 2011 will be marked by much healing energy and a spiritual awakening for all of us.  We will find enlightenment in stages brought forth by our own efforts and on our own terms.  (The Lunar Eclipse, Winter Solstice and Mercury retrograde all passing in December heralds the fact that changes are all coming for our highest good.  In December, divine energies raised our vibrations to rid ourselves of things that no longer serve us in our lives.)  This January brings in the much needed changes that we all require to live a full and happier life, awake and aware.  Changes in our nature, changes in our understanding and love for one another, changes in how we act and feel about ourselves and the world around us.  A more positive attitude, compassion toward one another, acceptance and grace will be our gifts this year. 




As the High Priestess shows us her power in the moon as denoted on her crown as well as her gown covering the crescent moon; her feminine energies are very strong as she sits between the pillars of knowing and unknowing and she brings us her power to define ourselves in a way that we never could before.  The Tora is half hidden also meaning that All may not be revealed as yet, but that we are all still learning the mysteries of life in our own way and with our own style.




As the knight brings forth changes, the high priestess brings her feminine energies to guide us lovingly to the next stage of our life. She presents herself as a guide to those of us willing to venture deep within our higher selves to discover the true powers of transformation and enlightenment that we all posses.




We may not have all the answers, but in moving forward and welcoming the changes our lives bring,


we may find the peace, happiness and unity we seek along the way.


May this year bring us peace, happiness, family harmony, much love and abundance in all forms!


This months message: Rebirth!




Be not afraid of changing slowly; be afraid only of standing still. – Chinese Proverb








*** As we welcome the changes and enlightenment in our own lives,
be good to one another as others are going through these changes too! ***

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