November Tarot of the Month

Posted in Tarot at 3:50 am by Dorothy Welsh

November Tarot Card of the Month!


Everything you want is at your command!  It is written in your future that you are to have happiness and abundance in your life.  You are the creator of your future and the sword can help you attain all that you desire.  Your only challenge is to be confident enough to accept the gifts that are given to you.  We need to open ourselves to the possibility of “having it all”.  Peace, Victory, Valuable Friendships, Abundance and Immeasurable Love.  It is all there for us to receive, and more. 
The Ace of Swords offers us the spark of great potential.  It is up to you to take the sword and use it wisely.  You can use the sword to clear away obstacles that have held you back, cut the ties that no longer serve you, and clear the blocks that kept you from seeing your inner truth, beauty and potential.  Again, use the sword wisely, as it is a 2 edged sword.  Getting what you want without hurting others in the process is the road to great spiritual attainment and success.  This month, focus on accomplishing your goals with the expectation of receiving it ALL, and you can achieve all that you desire.

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