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This site is for any questions you may have regarding a spiritual nature.  Michelle G. Popiak is our Spiritual Counsellor and will answer your questions promptly.


December Tarot of the Month

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The Hanged Man is not as ominous as he seems.  He is just hanging out and pondering life, just pausing to consider himself.  He is the 12th card of the Tarot deck and it’s appropriate for the 12th month of the year.  He represents the 12 steps of initiation through which every man must pass.  After which our lower forces become transmuted into the higher lifting power of our True Divine Self!  He has the golden light of God surrounding his head for enlightenment and the position of his arms and legs represent a call to divinity (the legs forming a cross and the arms forming a triangle representing the divine number 3). 
He has learned about spirituality, but is pausing before he puts it into practice.
As he hangs there, he is totally vulnerable to the world, and in his vulnerability he has found strength.
He is Odin, the Norse god who hung from the World Tree for nine days to earn the knowledge of the Runes. 
He is a card of opposites, pause to move forward; stop to proceed, rest to gain strength, release in order to attain more. 
This month (the last month of the year) is a time for reflection.  Its a time to think back on the previous year and see how far you’ve come with your goals and aspirations.  Its a time for getting in touch with your “higher” self and connecting with your family (your roots).  Thinking back to where you started (your family, your roots, or the beginning of the year) creating your own goals and what you wanted to achieve for yourself this year or this lifetime (not just materialistic goals but spiritual goals as well).  How far have you evolved.  What things need to be changed and what needs to be honored.  Sometimes we must stop for a while and contemplate our lives in order to move forward again. 
The hanged-man is a reminder that surrendering to the experience leads to positive transformation. 
We control by “letting go” and we win by “surrendering”.  When we most want to force our will, is when we should “let go”, when we want to have our own way, is when we should surrender.  Strength is gained in our letting go.
Allow the Hanged-Man to help you Pause in your life.
What do you need to surrender or let go of in order to successfully move forward with your life?

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