Rune wisdom for January

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Perthro is asking us to become aware of what’s brewing in our minds, for our minds are like a cauldron filled with mystery, wisdom, past, present and future. All of which is brewing to create our destiny.

Consider life as a lake of infinite size. A handful of pebbles tossed unto the surface create rippling impressions on the water. The ripples spread and touch each other and overlap. Some pebbles may be larger or smaller and create a splash of greater or lesser size, but the path of each pebble creates an impression on the watery impression of every other pebble. These pebbles represent destiny, and ours are the hands that cast them.

Let’s brew some good happy thoughts. Filling our minds with love will leave no room for negative thoughts. Smile at someone, validate someone, and let them know that they are worthy.

Make note of all the good that has happened in the past, for remembering the good and being grateful leads to a joyful life. Bring these good thoughts into the New Year. Discard all old beliefs that are not working for you, and this New Year will be joyful. Remember you created it.

January Tarot for the New Year!

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The NINE OF CUPS is one of the most positive and uplifting cards of the entire deck.
I’m very happy that it was chosen for the New Year! 
If anything is illuminated in this card, it is that anything IS possible!  Good things are coming your way this year, so make sure you are clear on exactly what you want the universe to bring you.  And make no mistake that it IS coming your way!  All your worries from the past are just that… in the past.  You can now look forward to a brighter future. 
So many good things are in store this coming year, so while you are basking in the light of abundance, make sure that you do not become smug about it.  Keep in mind others who may not have as much as you and their struggles in this lifetime. 
So much is coming your way, that I want to send a reminder to be grateful for your successes, for there will be many.  And with your gratitude your abundance will flourish even more.  When you delight in the little things, it creates an even bigger flow directly to you!  Enjoy it!   This card denotes much Happiness and Abundance on all levels, including physical, emotional and spiritual.  You will rise to higher levels this year and you will have all that you desire.  Financial security brings emotional security and this card denotes that this is coming soon!
Enjoy the abundance that life brings.  Joy and happiness are within your grasp.  Whatever your true hearts desire will come to you this coming year!  If may not come exactly as you expected, but it will be coming into your life!
Practice manifesting what you truly desire and keep faith in knowing that you can and will achieve your goals!
Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!

African Legend

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African Legend
By: Annette LaBate

I would like to share this African legend I read about many years ago – Enjoy!

 An old African chief needed to test the wisdom of a young man he had chosen to be his successor as tribal head. He asked the young man to prepare two meals for him.    The first meal was to contain the very best ingredients life had to offer. The second meal would contain the very worst.

 On the appointed day, the chief sat down to his first meal which was a delicious plate of sliced cow tongue with vegetables. The chief was delighted with the food and, upon finishing the meal, asked the young man why he had chosen the tongue.

 “The tongue is one of the finest parts of our being,” the young man replied. “It can speak wonderful words of truth that can help our people grow and prosper. The right words can give them courage and bolster their integrity. Tongues can speak of love and harmony and hold our village together.”

 The chief was very impressed and waited for his second meal with eager anticipation. On the appointed day the chief sat down to eat his second meal and found it to be identical to the first. When he had finished, he asked the boy why he had prepared the same meal twice.

The young man answered, “The tongue can be the best part of us, but it can also be the worst. The tongue can speak words of anger and discouragement that tear people down and rob them of hope. It can weave deceit; it can speak untruths that cause disharmony. The tongue, more than any other weapon, can destroy our village life.” The old chief listened closely and slowly nodded his head. He knew he had chosen his next leader wisely.

 Let this year be a year to make people feel good simply with the magic of our words!

Please watch this video all the way. A great validation video.


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