Psychic Readings in Doylestown this Tuesday (April 20th) with Psychic Medium Dorothy Welsh

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Psychic Readings in Doylestown this Tuesday (april 20th).  Several appointments available.  Contact us at http://www.mymoonspirit.com



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Readings in Newtown this Saturday!

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Dorothy will be providing Psychic Readings in Newtown this Saturday, April 17th.  Please contact Soulutions to schedule your appointment.

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Om Place – Body/Mind/Spirit Radio

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April Tarot of the Month

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The Star is shining brightly this month and has noticed the hard work you have been putting in!
Eight stars with eight points shine overhead with a bird on the tree of life looking on.  (This card is number 17 – 1+7=8) which may be a number of importance this month.  The divine has noticed you and shines her beautiful light on you. 
One star shines brighter and larger than the rest denoting the power behind the light (your power, your light) is growing even stronger.  As you combine the waters with the earth, you pour your emotions into your life’s work.  Notice how they blend perfectly and compliment each other.  The earth needs the water to sustain itself.  Just as you need your emotions blending and coloring your life.  If you lose focus, look to the Stars!  They will help light the way.
Stay on your life’s path, you are working toward a goal and getting there sooner than you think.  Remember, its the journey.  Small lessons in each day bring forth successes that build with each moment and each step that you take.  Notice the small flowers budding from the ground meaning that your hard work is starting to show results.  You are blossoming and growing into the divine spirit you were meant to be.
Keep moving forward!
You may feel that you are losing hope at times, however YOUR light is shinging stronger and brighter, bringing back your faith and courage.  Again, notice your small accomlishments (as in the small flowers).  Each accomplishment has meaning and is an important part in your journey.  Keep moving forward and look to the stars when you need a boost in your faith. 
The light of the stars will always light your way!

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