July Reading of the Month by Dorothy Welsh

Posted in General at 8:34 pm by Dorothy Welsh

 The Queen of Wands is a woman of knowledge and power. She is surrounded by the powers of her feline animal friends.

A black cat at her feet, lions adorn her chair (top and bottom) and the face of a cat clasps the cape around her neck.

Like the cat, she can see the dark and the light of all things and knows how to follow her intuition.

  She knows where she is going and has a happy determined spirit getting there.

She is fiery and ambitious and when she sees what she wants, her goals cannot be swayed!

Use your intuition wisely this month as wants and desires are strong.

New things are coming into your life and you are ready to pounce like a cat.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself this month as you pursue your desires.

Rest when you need to and take mental breaks to re-energize yourself.

When the Queen of Wands appears, it is time to bring her qualities into your life.

Go with your intuition and follow your passions!

The Queen’s constancy and dedication will help carry out your creative visions,

and her magnetism will draw to you all the allies and friends that you need to accomplish your goals!

Rely on the Queen and allow her to work her magic in your life.


Angel Muriel

Posted in General at 10:29 am by annette

I heard an angel speak today
In a gentle, reassuring way:
Please tell the world that I am here
for anyone who comes to me in prayer
to learn, and become aware.

“I am Muriel, Angel of emotional awareness. June is my month, and I am ruler of the sign cancer.
I am here to light your way I will help you become aware of your feelings.
When feelings are denied, they remain trapped somewhere in the body and cause dis-ease.
The ancient Chinese had this wisdom and worked on acknowledging and purging the excessive negative feelings.

Anger gets trapped in the liver, grief gets trapped in the lungs and guilt gets trapped in the heart.

Remember your body is your temple and houses your soul.
I am just a prayer away for anyone who wants to be become aware, heal excessive emotions and flourish.”

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