Being Aware of your Thoughts – An Awareness Meditation

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Being Aware of your Thoughts
An Awareness Meditation
By: Annette LaBate

 Studies have shown that we think from 50,000 to 600,000 thoughts a day! These subconscious thoughts go on during the day while we are walking, talking, eating and going on with our normal daily routines.  These thoughts then progress while we are sleeping and may even get repeated the next day.  They can even linger for days, weeks, months or even years.

This type of constant busy thinking has been referred to as monkey chatter or monkey mind.  It behaves like a monkey on your back and it’s not easy to tame.

These thoughts can crop up if you have unresolved issues from your past and may continue if you have any fears about your future.

Do you know what’s in your mind?

Are your thoughts positive, joyful and life-giving or are they negative and destructive.

Simply being aware of your thoughts is half the battle!
Thoughts and beliefs are usually programmed from past experiences. Parents, relationships, teachers, friends and the media all influence our thoughts and behavior.   Karma (our past actions and deeds) also has influence over our lives. Thoughts energize our actions. Then thoughts become action.  If our thoughts are negative, we will feel depressed.  If our thoughts are positive, we will feel joyful!  We are where we are at this very moment because we programmed ourselves with our thoughts and actions.

Important Concept: **The subconscious mind does not have the power to analyze what it is told. Whatever you tell it, it will accept as true. It will then work on an unconscious level to make that information correct.

If you have nurturing and positive thoughts, your subconscious will lead you on a nurturing and positive path. If you have been harboring negative thoughts, your subconscious will lead you on a negative life path.  But remember, you have the choice to decide WHAT it is you are going to think!

Are you content where you are?  If not, then simply change your thoughts. Program positive thoughts that will change your actions and change your life.  Sound too easy??

After years of negative input, it takes a conscious effort and self discipline to relinquish negative self talk and instill positive thinking.

Don’t beat yourself up if you are discontent with life.  Sit back and realize that the thoughts you are having are negative and that those negative thoughts about life and about your future… CAN be changed! Believe it! You DO have choices.

Most importantly, you must become aware of the unconscious negative thoughts that haunt you day after day.  Learn to control the subconscious rather then it controlling you.  If you feel a negative thought coming on or you realize that you are feeling quite negative.  Stop yourself right there and change your thoughts or a more positive one.  Bring good health, joy, and abundance into your life by learning to use your subconscious mind or higher self to assist you in becoming more positive on a daily basis.

In the meditation classes that I teach, some meditators have a hard time quieting their minds (their monkey minds).  When I ask them to close their eyes and let go of all thoughts, they instead become more aware of their thoughts.  Ah, this is good, because we go around all day thinking millions of thoughts unconsciously. We are not aware that we are programming ourselves on a constant basis. When we become aware of a problem we can make changes. If we are not aware, we can’t change it.   Help yourself to become more aware with an Awareness Meditation!

Awareness Meditation:
Give yourself 10 minutes in the morning.  Try sitting quietly when you awake and pay attention to your breathing. Don’t force it; just simply relax and be aware of your breathing. Allow five or ten minutes without worrying about what you have to do this day or the next.  Concentrate on your thoughts and bring them forward in your mind.  Become more aware of what you are thinking. A thought will come and it will pass.  Stop and notice it!! Write it down if you have to…  Don’t try to add to it and create a story. Just notice it, and let it pass.

Now that you are more aware of what you are thinking.  If you are having any negative thoughts, make a conscious effort to change them…  For instance, if you wake up with stressful thoughts while getting ready for work, consciously stop and visualize yourself more calm and relaxed about getting to work.  See yourself slowly and effortlessly getting ready, getting to work on time and even enjoying your day at work.  Visualize yourself happier as you go through your day, joking with co-workers and enjoying your lunch break.   Stop and take a deep breath and relax about getting ready.   Now, you are still getting ready for work, but without all the stress. Wow, you just changed your thoughts to a more positive one!  And you feel more relaxed (and in charge) for doing it.  When you visualize yourself with Kratom, Kratomystic, https://kratomystic.com happier, you actually become happier.

(This is just one small instance, but you get the general idea.  You must stop your negative thoughts, and change them into positive ones.)

I sometimes have many “reminder” thoughts.  Things I need to do that day…  The first time I did this meditation, I had five reminder thoughts.  When I finished meditating I stopped and took notes of all the passing thoughts that I was aware of and I wrote them down.  During the day I made sure to take care of them all.  It was five things I kept putting off, and the thoughts of those ‘reminders’ kept the monkey mind wandering.  It felt so good to finally get rid of those thoughts.  I felt free!  It was like discovering a secret filing cabinet and cleaning it out.

Try this exercise just once or twice, and then notice your body’s reaction after the meditation.  Then take note of your mind’s reaction after the meditation.  You will feel more relaxed both physically and mentally after an Awareness Meditation.  And… you will learn to tame your monkey mind!  We have so much to learn from our inner voice. Trust yourself and listen to the positive messages you receive from your higher self.  You will become a more relaxed and happier person when you trust your inner guidance.

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