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Hi Dorothy,

I just wanted to thank you. 

I saw you earlier this month for a reading.   You told me I was psychic and to listen to my dreams.  Well, I had a dream where I was playing a scratch off lottery ticket and won 50 dollars, I told my wife and she suggested that we buy a ticket.  So we did!  And not only did I buy the ticket I had the dream about, but I scratched off the exact spot where I did in my dream and won 50 dollars!  I then scratched off the rest and won an additional $350.  If I hadn’t seen you I would have never listened to my dream and bought that ticket.   You also said that my brother and his wife would be thinking about having a baby soon.  Well I just found out last night that she is pregnant. Thanks for everything!   I’ll be seeing you in a couple of months, and I’m referring everyone I know to you!   Thanks so much!     H.Madison


Readings with Dorothy

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Dorothy is a gifted Psychic/Medium.  This gift was given to her at a young age, and has developed over many years.  During a reading, she spiritually guides you along with your  specific path.  She not only gives you information, but allows you to see all  the possible ways you can change the outcome of your life. This  process is unique, because it empowers the client to make an informed decision.   The tools she provides allow you to make a more informed decision that could greatly impact your life.

     Dorothy connects with each person’s specific guides and angels to give you messages, that most times we cannot hear on our own. She can connect with loved ones that have crossed over for specific information or messages that are meant for you.  Dorothy provides comfort and knowledge to each individual circumstance.

Our lives are at a most critical time ever. The world is changing right before our eyes in so many ways, that we don’t understand. We are filled with many questions, problems, and decisions where we could use some clarity. Dorothy provides that clarity, and gives the answers you seek.  She does this in a way that is never negative and always shows you the positive things in your life.  No matter what your circumstance in life is, she helps you find a solution.  She will guide you to your highest and greatest good. She fills you with love and comfort along the way.  She truly cares about each person and helps guide them to find the joy in their life. Call Dorothy today and get the best reading you will ever have, the accuracy is amazing.  She has made such a great impact on so many people.  Dorothy gives hope and inspiration for your future.  In short, she empowers you!

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