Tips for Connecting to your Angels and Guides

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Since I was a child I have been a medium, and have connected to Angels, Guides and Loved Ones. A medium connects to those who are on the “other side”. I always felt very blessed to be able to communicate messages of love and healing for others. And over the years I’ve gotten many questions about connecting to your Angels and Guides.
Annie W. from Levittown asks: How does a psychic connect to Angels and Guides? And what can I do to connect?
Annie that is a very good question. When most mediums connect to the other side, they use all of their senses including sight, sound, hearing, feeling, touching and even tasting. They may start to see images or hear some sounds or actual words. I sometimes see movies playing out or hear a song or even feel things. I sometimes smell a woman’s perfume like Jean Nate, when a grandmother is connecting with me. There are terms for using these connections, including clairvoyance – a clear seeing, clairaudience – clear hearing, clairsentient – clear feeling – clairambiance – clear tasting, clairalience – clear smelling and claircognizant – clear knowing. When you learn to “perk” up your senses, you will be more aware of the energies around you.
What you can do to perk up your senses is to be more aware of what is going on around you. Nature for instance, is a great way to connect. I suggest going outside and just sitting in nature. Your own backyard is a great place to start. Sit by a tree or a bush and quiet yourself. Then start paying attention to what is going on around you. The more aware you are, the more connected you will become. You may start to see animals including birds, squirrels, bees and insects. Start watching their activities and really seeing what they are doing. Follow them with your eyes and notice how they react in nature, and how they communicate with each other. The more you watch nature, the more you will become connected to nature and to the universe. You are then becoming more aware. Awareness is the first step.

Aubrey S. from Newtown asks: When you connect to Angels, what do they say?
Hi Aubrey, each interaction is different, but when I connect to Angels, Guides and Loved Ones during a reading, what I hear most from Angels is that THEY want to connect with us! They are here to help you on your life journey. They are your personal cheerleaders and they want to see you succeed. They relay the message that in this lifetime we are here for experiences, and to learn lessons of love through those experiences. If you ever need assistance to accomplish any goals or experiences in your life, your angels do want to help; however they need your permission to intervene in your free will life choices. So please remember to ask them for assistance. Once you start asking for their assistance, make sure you start looking for the signs they will send you.

Brianna N. from Bristol asks: What type of messages will I see from my Angel?
Brianna, Angel’s messages may come in many different forms. For instance, you may hear a song on the radio, or a message on a billboard or license plate. They will give you signs to let you know you are on the right path or they will give you a message to help lead you in the right direction. You may start to see certain numbers on the clock. Triple numbers are signs that your Angels are with you. Many people are starting to notice the number 11:11. A specific Angelic number stating that your Angels are with you and you are following the right path. Sometimes you may see other numbers on a clock, including significant dates that hold meaning to you. For instance, you may see 6:29 often – and realize that this was your grandmother’s birthday. This could be a sign that she is with you and she is just trying to get your attention.

Going outside in nature and just sitting quietly will help connect you to the Earth, Mother Nature and to the Universal Energies that support us. It’s similar to “plugging” in or tuning in to their energies. When you quiet yourself and simply watch nature, it not only bring a calming effect to your body, but it can also release any tension and stress and bring forth clarity. So if you are feeling stressed, go outside and take a walk in nature. You will feel more centered. Once you bring yourself back to center, it is much easier to connect and listen to your Angels messages. They may come in the form of thoughts and ideas. Angels do speak to us through our body language as well. Paying attention to your heart and your solar plexus is also important; and why everyone says to just “go with your gut”.
Some people also like to meditate to connect. When you meditate, your brain waves slow down and it helps you to “center” yourself and bring about awareness and clarity. If you would like a little help with this, I offer a Guided Meditation to Connect with your Angels and Guides on my website. In this meditation you will have a chance to connect to your personal Angel, and also time to ask them questions, such as what is their name. Either way, this should be a fun and enlightening experience.
For more tips on making connections, check out my Audio Books on Psychic Development at www.mymoonspirit.com.

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