December Reading of the Month – by Dorothy Welsh

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When The World card is pulled, Everything is at your command!!  Watch the woman wave her wands in the center of her world, controlling the animal kingdom, man and the universe above, below and all around her!  She has interwoven her deepest desires around all that she knows and has tied it together with the heavens and the earth at her command.  What have you been wanting?  Are you acting on it?  Are you manifesting all that you desire?  This card depicts that YOU have the controls, but you must utilize them and not allow them to stay dormant!  You are divinely guided as to how to proceed and the world will bend to your wishes.  Cycles will end and new ones begin!  It is a prosperous time, take advantage of it and make your mark!  Make sure you know what you want – you just might get it this month!!!   Surprises are also the forefront and the Christmas Holiday is just around the corner!  What will you be getting this year?!! One Journey may be over, but a new one is just beginning, and you’re ready for the next step.


The World is your Oyster!  Promotions, beginning of a new cycle, mastering all that you have achieved and beginning in a new and more confident position are all marked by this card!  Enjoy all it brings, for it bring happiness and achievements!


Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!
Dorothy Welsh


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November Reading of the Month – Dorothy Welsh

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The 7 of Cups brings opportunities where you least expect them. Female energies, rebirth, fruitfulness, abundance, creativity and riches are all coming as gifts for you!  Don’t be stingy with them, when you are given spiritual gifts, they are to be shared with others.  You don’t need to know who or why, you just need to share your good fortune.  The answers will reveal themselves by the end of the month.  These are gifts from the divine, and could be a test for you.  You may be asked to make a decison on something that has been lingering, and you will now be able to decide with confidence. Something you have been waiting for will finally come to fruition as this card brings good fortune to you as well.

Smile at the outcome, and do not search too deeply for its source.  Keep your expectations high as well as your character.

Remember, you don’t need to know everything just yet.  Just stick to your path, honor your higher self

and your answers will be revealed.  Trust in the Divine for guidance and listen for their messages. 

Your path will be revealed in the quiet times.  And success will be yours when you make decisions for the right reasons.

For the Highest Good of All Concerned.



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