Do All Dogs (and Cats) go to Heaven?

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Many people wonder if their beloved pet made it to the Rainbow Bridge; and if they can connect with you after they pass. Dogs, cats and every living thing (human, animals and even plants) have an energy field around them. We call it our Aura or Auric Field. When your pet passes, their bodies may expire, but their energy field lives on. And if it was a good relationship, they may want to stay with you. Their bodies are not able to stay, but their Aura may remain with you. And if you pay close attention, you may see, feel and hear signs of their presence.

Over the years, I have connected with many pets on the other side and brought through many messages of love and healing. Pets usually come through with love in their hearts for their human moms and dads, and will try to show you signs that they are still with you.

Some owners may still feel their pet jumping up on their lap. Many cat owners may feel their feline friends rubbing up against their legs, or even hear that beautiful Meow sound in the next room.
You may hear them walking around the house, or running around in the back yard. –You may hear their pitter patter on a hard-wood floor – or hear the sounds of their collar clanking against their metal ID tags. One woman reports the sounds of her pet coming through the doggie door after they have passed. And another of their pet scratching at the back door to be let in. “I can still hear him. I know he is still here.” reports Carolyn from Flemington.
Have you ever received a sign that your pet was still with you? Have you heard a sound or felt their presence? If so, I would love to hear from you. Please post your story below.

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Can Pets Connect with us after they pass?
The answer is: Yes!

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