September – Tarot Card of the Month

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The Two of Cups is all about relationships (and not necessarily with people)!  This September remember the important people in your life and treat them well (including yourself).  This card also speaks of our relationship with our homes, our work environment, career, boss/employees, school, teachers, etc.  We have many relationships that need attention this month, so get down to business and make sure all your relationships are getting the attention they need.  We have to nurture what is important to us in order for it to grow and bring us happiness!  You may start thinking about classes this September, to nurture yourself and expand your horizons; or an exercise class to strengthen your body.  You may also start thinking about your career and what you’re getting out of it.  If your career needs attention or maybe a change or “sprucing up”, then make sure you are ready to move in a forward and positive direction.  Now on to personal relationships…  Again, this September, remember the important people in your life and remember to treat them well.  If you feel you’ve neglected someone, bring them back into your life and nurture that relationship.  It may need your attention.  This includes not only spouse and partners, but also friends, children and parents as well.  This month, make sure all the relationships in your life are the way you want them to be, and that they fill your “cup” of happiness.  If not, then this September, its time to pay attention and make some nurturing changes in your life.

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