March Tarot Reading

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The Queen of Pentacles!  What a wonderful card for new beginnings this Spring!

Bringing desires to bear fruit is the message this month.  All that you desire is is right in front of you.  Its now your job to manifest it into reality.  Surrounded by animals, flowers, ripe fruit and even cupid on her chair – this Queen has it all at her command!  As she comtemplates the pentacle, she is deciding which of these things she wants to manifest in her life.
What do YOU want to manifest this month?
The Queen brings warmth, generosity and a sense of purpose.  If something needs to get done, she doesn’t beat around the bush or complain; she just gets it done.  She is like a nurturing mother to us all, and if you need her assistance, she is there to help calm our fears and accomplish our goals.  She will give you the strength to finish projects this month, so get ready to move forward, and quickly!  You may gain insight this month into matters of money and matters of the heart, and by truly balancing both, you will find your path to happiness.
Set your own goals this month and watch them manifest to fruitfullness in your life.  The Queen is there to assist you!  Allow her to work her magic in your life – then Make it So!

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