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Hi Dorothy,

I just wanted to thank you. 

I saw you earlier this month for a reading.   You told me I was psychic and to listen to my dreams.  Well, I had a dream where I was playing a scratch off lottery ticket and won 50 dollars, I told my wife and she suggested that we buy a ticket.  So we did!  And not only did I buy the ticket I had the dream about, but I scratched off the exact spot where I did in my dream and won 50 dollars!  I then scratched off the rest and won an additional $350.  If I hadn’t seen you I would have never listened to my dream and bought that ticket.   You also said that my brother and his wife would be thinking about having a baby soon.  Well I just found out last night that she is pregnant. Thanks for everything!   I’ll be seeing you in a couple of months, and I’m referring everyone I know to you!   Thanks so much!     H.Madison

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