Angel Muriel

Posted in General at 10:29 am by annette

I heard an angel speak today
In a gentle, reassuring way:
Please tell the world that I am here
for anyone who comes to me in prayer
to learn, and become aware.

“I am Muriel, Angel of emotional awareness. June is my month, and I am ruler of the sign cancer.
I am here to light your way I will help you become aware of your feelings.
When feelings are denied, they remain trapped somewhere in the body and cause dis-ease.
The ancient Chinese had this wisdom and worked on acknowledging and purging the excessive negative feelings.

Anger gets trapped in the liver, grief gets trapped in the lungs and guilt gets trapped in the heart.

Remember your body is your temple and houses your soul.
I am just a prayer away for anyone who wants to be become aware, heal excessive emotions and flourish.”

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