August Reading of the Month by Dorothy Welsh

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The King of Wands is very powerful and full of pure fire energy (as you can see from his crown, cuffs and garment around his neck).  Lions and salamanders adorn his throne and robe which also represent fire energy so this King is full of passion and purpose.  Salamanders are able to live through fire and regenerate themselves. And the wand represents the continual renewal of life. You may feel as though you’ve gone through the fire and even gotten burned, but this month, the King lends his power to regenerate your life, solve problems and introduce passion back into your life. 

This king helps you to get the job done and is happy to do so!


If your life needs more passion and purpose, the King is here to awaken those traits in you and he is happy to lead the way. He looks forward to a challenge and can solve the most difficult problems with ease. He can dispel our fears with his confidence and can empower us to live up to our own potential.  He never walks away from a problem and his energies are continuously renewing.  An inner spiritual change may be coming this month so be ready to face it head on with the Kings Fire and Passion.  This king invites us to act as he would to solve our problems; to think of new ways to get things done, with passion and purpose, and to never stop believing in yourself!


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