September Reading of the Month – Dorothy Welsh

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New business ventures are the theme this month as the 2 of Wands brings its focus and determination to each of us.

A man looks out over his kingdom at the success he’s already accomplished.  But with the world in his right hand and the budding wand in the left, he wants more!  And why not!  The wands are budding forth with new growth indicating that more IS to come.


This card embodies focus and determination to go out into the world and succeed!  This month its time to get moving toward your goals and maybe start some new ones. Your visions will yield great results as you are filled with the determination to make it happen.  This card gives you all the tools that you need to get the job done. 

There is no looking back, only looking forward and manifesting your desires into reality. 


When this card’s energy enters your life, you will find the abilities to make your dreams come true, amd achieve your highest ambitions. Now is the time to understand that YOU create your own reality every second of your life.  Start creating what you really desire. Boldness and daring are strong this month, so harness that power and use it!


The Two of Wands is a reminder that we are always in control of our lives, and though we may be surprised by events from time to time, the reins remain in our hands waiting for us to use them.


Its important this month to set your goals and get your plans in motion.  What you sow this month, will reap great rewards.  There is no place for uncertainty and hesitation.  And fortunately, this card gives you the energy to move forward with confidence!


You are the creator and the ruler of your life!

You’ll be surprised at all you accomplish this month just by allowing your inner power to shine!!


Dorothy Welsh

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