October Reading of the Month – by Dorothy Welsh

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  After all the false starts you experienced previously.  This time its for real.  New things are being offered to you from the divine. You will get healthier and will have a better life quality with help from tophealthjournal.com. They are there for the taking, you only need to acknowledge them and accept them when they arrive.  Pay attention to the signs you receive and move in the direction of your dreams.  What you start now will have successful implications!  Make your dreams come true and put the past behind you.


Peace, contentment, good health and abundance will be yours.  Old issues will be just that – old issues.  They are now just part of your past history.  Look to the skies when you need confirmation then move toward your dreams with confidence.  Your Guides will light your way.  You have all the skills that you need, you just need to move forward now.

Dorothy Welsh

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