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I pulled #13 several times in preparing for this reading so it was just meant to be.  This card can sometimes brings fear, but let me first dispell the fear…This card does not bring death, it brings important and great changes in your life.  I also thought it appropriate to pull 2 cards to show what influences the changes that will come.  The Death Card #13 does not bring death, but comes marking great changes!  It marks the end of something in our lives and the beginning of another phase.  The pairing card is the #2, The High Priestess, bringing powerful feminine and spiritual energy to the changes to come.  She denotes knowledge, some known and some unknown, the forces between this world and the next as she sits before the veil of unknowing filled with pomegrantes also signifying Rebirth!  Sometimes we fear what we don’t yet know or understand, but the changes that are marked in #13 also show that the spiritual changes to come bring forth changes for the better and good things to come as denoted in the rider carrying a flag with a white flower of inspiration and spiritual enlightenment and riding in on a white horse of divine power.  Everything you knew, your beliefs and old thoughts will be changed by the knowledge and power you will acquire this year, bringing more happiness and contentment, with purity and clarity of thought.




This coming year 2011 will be marked by much healing energy and a spiritual awakening for all of us.  We will find enlightenment in stages brought forth by our own efforts and on our own terms.  (The Lunar Eclipse, Winter Solstice and Mercury retrograde all passing in December heralds the fact that changes are all coming for our highest good.  In December, divine energies raised our vibrations to rid ourselves of things that no longer serve us in our lives.)  This January brings in the much needed changes that we all require to live a full and happier life, awake and aware.  Changes in our nature, changes in our understanding and love for one another, changes in how we act and feel about ourselves and the world around us.  A more positive attitude, compassion toward one another, acceptance and grace will be our gifts this year. 




As the High Priestess shows us her power in the moon as denoted on her crown as well as her gown covering the crescent moon; her feminine energies are very strong as she sits between the pillars of knowing and unknowing and she brings us her power to define ourselves in a way that we never could before.  The Tora is half hidden also meaning that All may not be revealed as yet, but that we are all still learning the mysteries of life in our own way and with our own style.




As the knight brings forth changes, the high priestess brings her feminine energies to guide us lovingly to the next stage of our life. She presents herself as a guide to those of us willing to venture deep within our higher selves to discover the true powers of transformation and enlightenment that we all posses.




We may not have all the answers, but in moving forward and welcoming the changes our lives bring,


we may find the peace, happiness and unity we seek along the way.


May this year bring us peace, happiness, family harmony, much love and abundance in all forms!


This months message: Rebirth!




Be not afraid of changing slowly; be afraid only of standing still. – Chinese Proverb








*** As we welcome the changes and enlightenment in our own lives,
be good to one another as others are going through these changes too! ***

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