May 2014 Tarot Reading

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Tarot Reading – by Dorothy Welsh The Queen of Wands! – She is the great Mother!  The Queen of all that is seen and unseen.  She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get out there and get it!  She is determined and ambitious and yet friendly, loving and charming at the same time.  She brings all her passion to every relationship whether it be work or play, and she jumps in with both feet knowing she will land on solid ground because she prepared the foundation.  Everyone has a bit of this Queen’s determination and gentle loving strength. When she appears it is often time to bring these qualities into manifestation in your life. Her stability and dedication will aid your creative visions that need to be carried out, and her innate magnetism and charm will draw to you all the allies that you need to accomplish any goal you set your mind to.  So jump in with both feet – and don’t ever give up!  Remember the day is yours – Manifest your destiny!

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