April 2017 Tarot Reading

Posted in Tarot at 2:57 pm by Dorothy Welsh

9 of P E N T A C L E S

The Nine of Pentacles is bringing a female independent spirit to all that she does. This woman has a lot of ideas that she wants to put into practice and this is the month to start doing just that! Follow your dreams, sow some seeds, start putting things into place that will reap the rewards you’ve been wanting your entire life! This is the month to start doing just that!

The energy of this card will bring you some much needed energy to get that job done too as this woman is like the energizer bunny this month, getting everything accomplished as much as she can and also knowing who to turn to for help when she needs it. Delegate if you must, you will find willing helpers all around you. Everyone can see that you are on a mission and they want to help you complete your projects so allow them to pitch in when the time is right. There will be a back story and some work to be done first, but only you can see the outcome that you desire. So get to work, and don’t be afraid to make some much needed changes. That is where your success will come into play. The more that changes, the happier you become this month – so get started and have some fun with it! All of a sudden are you seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and your feet at the first to arrive. Get some much needed rest when you can as you are going to need it to complete all these projects. Don’t forget that Mercury turns retrograde on the 9th so you want to get your projects started before then so Mercury isn’t interrupting your flow. As long as the ideas are hatched before that date, Mercury will make sure that you have enough time to complete your projects. So go ahead and get started today! – This woman is very earthy, in her garden, enjoying the fruits of her labor and getting everything that she wants. So enjoy that energy this month. And soon you will feel just as satisfied.

Many Blessings to You!

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